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Succulents of Southern Africa

Robin Frandsen (2017)

Just published! The most extensive photographic publication of general succulent plants of this region ever produced!

The introduction includes an extensive section on cultivation. A full-color map of the sub-region is included as well as a map of the western Cape region into Namibia, the home of most of the succulent species of the region.

2,500 beautiful color photos of every species in the book. 16 plant families, 133 genera, 1,490 species, subspecies and varieties. The text includes a description of each plant and their distribution. Photographs are presented on the same spread as the relevant text.

Nothing else is available currently to the extent, lavish style and user-friendliness of this work!

8-1/2” x 11”, hardbound with color dustjacket 528 pages, 2,500+ color photographs

Regularly $99.95 -----OUR PRICE………………………..$89.95

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